Perspectief 2022-60

2022-60 GETI en Body Politics 23 HE IS MORE THAN In the beginning, God created women and men And everything in between The image of the Beautiful God is them From the inside to the hem. Wondering where the world went wrong Women became lower than men Put inside a box of dos and don'ts Can't complain anymore. Standards and norms we're formed Ideals of and for women were born Freedom to express and to be herself Is either a sin or a rebellion. From the way she dresses to the way she moves She should act like a woman and be demure Skirts and dresses should be her thing And eventually, settle down and get a ring. She is more than anything that the world tells Let her decide for her future and body Let herself be free of rules and dominion She is more than this and that and all your opinions. She is more than your words about her She is more than your preconceived notion She is more than the culture and tradition For she knows her worth and should be herself with no condition.