Perspectief 2020-48

2020-48 Assistance provision to relatives of an incurable patient 53 provided. Voluntary assistants may also become decent support for both incurable pa- tients and their family members. References 1. Abel J., Kellehear A. ‘Palliative Curriculum Re -imagined: A Critical Evaluation of the UK Palliative Medicine Syllabus’ , Palliative Care: Research and Treatment, 2018, 11, p. 1-7. 2. Arias-Casais N., Garralda E., Rhee J. Y., De Lima L., Pons J. J., Clark D., Hasselaar J., Ling J., Mosoiu D., Centeno C. EAPC Atlas of Palliative Care in Europe 2019 , Ed. N. Arias- Casais, E. Garralda, C. Centeno, Vilvoorde: EAPC Press, 2019, p.197. 3. Bijnsdorp F.M, van der Beek A. J., Pasman H.R.W., Boot C.R.L., de Boer A. H., Plaisier I., Onwuteaka- Philipsen B.D. ‘Home care for terminally ill patients: the experiences of fam ily caregivers with and without paid work’, British Medical Journal Supportive & Palliative Care , 2019, 0, p. 1 – 10. 4. Braine M.E., Wray J. Supporting Families &Carers: A Nursing Perspective , Boca Raton – London – New York: CRC Press, 2016, p. 184. 5. Brinkman- Stoppelenburg A., Boddaert M., Douma J., Van der Heide A. ‘Palliative care in Dutch hospitals: a rapid increase in the number of expert teams, a limited number of referrals’, BMC Health Services Research , 2016 (16), p. 518-525. 6. Casey B.H. The Value and Costs of Informal care. Paper submitted to the Commission on Funding of Care and Support in response to its call for evidence . Available from: _as_sent.pdf (accessed 15.6.20). 7. European Association for Palliative Care, ‘White Paper on standards and norms for hospice and palliative care in Europe: part 1’, European Journal of Palliative Care , No- vember 2009, 16(6), p. 278- 289. 8. Evans S., Davison A. Caree43 for the Dying: A practical and pastoral guide , Eugene: CASCADE Books, 2014, p. 165.