Perspectief 2020-48

2020-48 Assistance provision to relatives of an incurable patient 51 concern for family caregivers 58 . However, there are several institutions that at least frag- mentarily concern about the relatives of incurable patients. For example, in the capital of Ukraine, in the premises of Kyiv City Hospital No. 2, there is a day-care hospice where attention is paid not only to the terminally ill individuals but to their family members. The possibility of having some rest from tiresome care at least one day a week (that is how this hospice works) for relatives may be invaluable support. In addition, within the day-care hos pice ‘consultations are provided in the issues of pain control and control over other symptoms of disorders, as wel l as psychological counseling and spiritual support” 59 . Du- ring the week the hospice hotline functions, where the incurable patient himself/herself or his/her next of kin may get advice from a wide range of specialists. Not just doctors or medical nurses, but psychologists, psychotherapists, priests, and volunteers also join in the work of the day-care hospice 60 . Pecherskyi district center of social services (Kyiv) implemented a home palliative and hos- pice care initiative, which lets incurable patients and their family members receive the support they need. Above all, social workers in cooperation with health care professionals may ensure hygienic care of the patient, provide some help with nutrition or drug admin- istration as well as teach the relatives essential skills. If necessary, pro bono legal aid can also be granted, information can be provided in the issues of social protection and mutual assistance groups can be organized 61 . Another example of taking care of relatives is the establishment of the palliative unit for incurable children in the town of Nadvirna. Here, little patients may stay for several days, for their parents to have some rest 62 . Also, assistance is provided to members of incurable children ’ s families in Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Hospital for Children. In this institution par- ents can go to a psychologist or psychotherapist, to get some support from volunteers, etc 63 . 5 Conclusions / Comparison While comparing palliative care in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, it should be mentioned that these countries have absolutely different levels of caring for their in- curable citizens. In the United Kingdom, with a population exceeding 66 million, there are