Perspectief 2014-26

Societas Oecumenica I
Sint-Stefanus Basiliek in Budapest II
Magnus Manske : Wikipedia Public Domain II
Redactioneel 4
Catholicity under Pressure: 6
Perspectives on Catholicity 7
Churches in Hungary 8
Societas oecumenica 10
Van verdeeldheid naar volheid? 11
Inleiding 11
Perspectieven op eenheid en de canon: overzicht 12
Canon en eenheid: een nieuw perspectief 14
Conclusies 18
The Changing Face of Unity, or: Cutting the Right Edges 19
The Dutch context 19
Catholicity in terms of becoming (fieri) 21
Family beyond divisions 23
New forms of unity and diversity 24
The Ordination of Women 27
Introduction 27
Two little stories 28
Every decision has a cost 29
Non-ordination of women is the problem 30
No claim on catholicity 31
Against exclusion 32
No biblical arguments 34
Society, culture and the Gospel 34
Towards a Healthy Future of Catholicity in the Roman Catholic Church 37
1 Remembering the Second Vatican Council and its understanding of catholicity 37
2 Pope Francis on catholicity as missionary outreach and as unity in diversity 39
Catholicity I: the missionary outreach to the peripheries of the diverse people of God 40
Catholicity 2: Reforming the Church with greater attention to unity in diversity 44
3 How is the teaching of Pope Francis on catholicity received and what is expected in the future? 48
Herstel van kerkgemeenschap vraagt om een communio-ecclesiologie in theorie én praktijk 53
Vaticanum II 54
Breed perspectief 54
Praktijk als toetssteen 55
Personalia 57
Colofon 59